Analyzing the MMO's final year of activity

From the dataset posted through Do Everything Forever!, this page will attempt to illustrate the activity in Tiny Speck's browser-based MMORPG Glitch through the final 14 months of operation. We present a dashboard utilizing d3.js to provide insights across many dimensions to decision makers and developers on analyzing player behaviors over time. Notably, we hope this provides creative inspiration in showcasing how analytics can be applied and presented to help monitor the health of your game...

Visualizating Player Migration Over Time

The following visual tracks movement in the player population across monthly player segmentations. The technique allows for multiple dimensions of data to be plotted and viewed at one time. First, the total bar shows the player population. Nodes represent the player segment for a given month, while links between nodes highlight the movement of players between two months. Interaction with the graphic will provide additional information about player segments, the flow of new and exiting players, and player group histories.

The player population was clustered at each monthly interval to identify key groupings across four economic KPIs.
  • Total Auctions
  • Percentage of Auctions that Resulted in Sales
  • Number of Distinct Items Categories Posted
  • Marketplace Forum Posting (boolean)

  • There are four overall hierarchies (with some sub-types) of player types that emerged: Casual, Moderate, Forum and Hardcore.

    Mouse over a node to see cluster information